The 2015 Nature’s Beauty Calendars Have Arrived

cover images of 2015 nature calendars

2015 Natures Calendars by Barb Kellogg

And this year, there are two versions of the Nature’s Beauty calendar to choose from—FLOWERS or TREES. Or you can choose both!

If you’re familiar with the ones I’ve sold in the past, this is the same style. These calendars really do make great, easy gifts. And if you have limited desk space, but still want to brighten your day, this is perfect! And for those stuck in a dungeon of an office (hey, I’ve been there), bring a little of the fresh, outdoor beauty to your windowless work environment.

  • Folding CD style case design (just open the CD case and the top swivels around to form the base — clever, eh?)
  • 5×5.5″ footprint on desk
  • 12 individual photographs
  • January to December, 2015
  • Matte paper so small notes could be written on the month

Ordering Information

  • Ordering 1 to 4 calendars, order from my online shop. Same price as last year: $15 each (plus tax, if in MN, and shipping)
  • If ordering 5 or more– Save more by ordering 5 or more. $12 each, and you get free shipping, too! (But you still have to pay tax if you’re shipping to MN.)
    TO RECEIVE THIS GREAT DEAL, you’ll need to 
    contact me directly to order, or you won’t receive the $12 price if you order online. Sorry about the inconvenience, but just email me with what you want and I’ll email you an invoice for payment. Let me know what calendars you want and how many, your name, and the shipping address. I will use your email address to send you an invoice that can be paid online. No calendars will be shipped until payment is received.
  • Outside the US? Contact me for pricing on product and shipping in your currency.
  • Available through the end of January, or while supplies last.

 2015 Nature’s Beauty FLOWERS Calendar

Front view of small desk calendar

Small desk calendar featuring 12 different images of flowers.

Example of one month from the Nature's Beauty FLOWERS Calendar for 2015.

Example of one month from the Nature’s Beauty FLOWERS Calendar for 2015.

example of the 12 flower photographs in calendar

The pretty flowers in the 2015 Nature’s Beauty FLOWER Calendar

2015 Nature’s Beauty TREES Calendar

Front view of small desk calendar

Small desk calendar featuring 12 different images of trees.

Example of 2015 Nature's Beauty TREES Calendar

Example of 2015 Nature’s Beauty TREES Calendar

The 12 tree photographs in the 2015 Calendar

Twelve photographs of trees in the Nature’s Beauty TREES Calendar

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And as I’m writing this blog post, I can’t believe Fall is here! The leaves are just changing over the past week. Still plenty of green, but lots of pretty yellows and reds sprinkled in, too.

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover

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